Friday, January 13, 2012

USA Together Helps Veterans Pay Their Bills

If you are a veteran (or know a veteran) who is struggling in this economy, there is hope. Several organizations exist to help veterans in their time of crisis and need.

One of these organizations is "USA Together."

USA Together matches veterans in need with people who want to help. Although the site does not and cannot guarantee that every need will be met, USA Together does have a tremendous success rate. "Virtually all requests" have been met--sometimes within just a few hours of posting.

To qualify for help, veterans must be a current or honorably discharged member of any branch of the military and have a documented and verifiable service-connected disability. Evidence of this must be submitted before the help request will be met. Relatives of servicemembers killed in action may also qualify. USA Together pays bills directly to the person you owe, so be prepared to offer them that information as well.

In today's economy, everyone is struggling. Veterans seem to be the hardest hit--especially young and female veterans. Check out these unemployment statistics from the end of 2011.

Unemployment rate for veterans 18-24 years old: 33.2%
Unemployment rate for civilians 18-24 years old: 14.9%
Unemployment rate for female veterans: 16.8%
Unemployment rate for female civilians: 7.8%\
(Statistics taken from this article.)

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be discussing other charitable organizations that help veterans. If you have a specific need or question, please let me know in the comments and I will help connect you with the resources you need.


  1. Hello, my name is Mary and I was honorably discharged from the Navy. Have applied to many jobs but have not been hired yet. I am on the verge of losing my car which if it is taken away will be a huge burden on continuing to try and find a job. I am a single mom also. I was wondering if you could send me more information about this...or if you even think that I could get help. Thank you so much. My email is
    really look forward to hearing back from you.

  2. Hello and thank you for your service to the men and women of our great armed services! I am a disabled vet and victim of MST which happened 30 years ago. I have applied for service-connected disability benefits, but have not been approved yet. I live on $698.00 a month in SSI and have a 16 year old son. I have no problem with housing, but I have alot of difficulty with my electric bill. We have to do without other necessities in order to keep the power on. I have medical benefits through the VA, but that is the only documentation I can provide at this time. If you can connect me with someone who can help, please email me at My name is Melissa and thanks again and bless you...

    1. I too have problems paying my electric bill and getting enough food for me the wife,my niece her 4 year old daughter my dead beat son in law ,daughter and our 3 grandchildren on 1,046 dollars from the VA .and I'm not working because of my disability and I'm making to much money for assistance from the state for food what else can I do.i can be contacted at

  3. My name is Magdalena Pointer and my husband is a wounded retired marine. He retired out of the Marine Corps in June of 2011. He got wounded and had surgery which led him disabled. Once he got out, he was entitled to benefits from the VA of 80%. Even though we have been married since 2010, they overlooked paperwork and are paying him for single pay. Since then, I have been taking care of him since the injuries and I am currently a full-time student on grants. We are trying to live off of his retirement pay alone, but it barely covers rent. He applied for Social Security since his disabilities and medications leave him unable to work, and they denied him so we are going through the appeal process. Since his retirement pay is only so much, it still leaves us unable to pay car insurance and gas for his VA appointments that I have to drive him to, along with all of our other bills. We are late on our rent, renter's insurance, electricity, water, and cell phones(for when the VA calls to make appointments). If anybody can please help us, we would greatly appreciate it. Any little bit helps.
    (Gas: $100, Car insurance: $300, renters insurance.: $50, water: $30, electric: $100, cell phones: $200, groceries: $200= Total needed: $980). Please send me an email at on any information that could possibly help us..

    Anything that anybody can do would be an amazing blessing. Thank you all!

  4. Hello my name is Danielle Jones-Browning recently separated from the army about 6 months ago single mother of 3 children under 10. In these months I have lost my car and been forced to leave a job due no support system and not enough income for day care. We are now facing eviction within weeks and VA has waiting list for any assistance rent is $855 with late fees adding up to $1100 and electric bill is $350. Please any help will make it easier if we do get displaced my email is Thank you so much for your time and consideration

    To whom it concerns
    I/We, Richard & Irma Barwick are requesting that Veteran’s Outreach, Servicer,
    or other V.A. party related to this case review my financial situation to see if I/We qualify for any Financial or Food Assistance.

    I/We are having problems making my monthly payments because of financial difficulties created by:

    x Unemployment _Reduced Income _Divorce

    _Medical bills x Debts x Family Death

    _Payment Decrease _Business Failure _Job Relocation

    x Illness/blindness _Military Service _Incarceration

    x Low cash Reserve x Other/Foreclosure

    I/We believe that my/our situation is x Temporary _Permanent

    I/We, state the information provided above to be true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.
    Richard Barwick 02/11/13_________Ph:305-693-1894
    Signature Date

  6. My name is Marie and I am a honorably discharged veteran of the US Army.I have been a physical therapist Assistant and because of many surgeries and ortho conditions I can no longer do my job.I have been denied SSDI and have to appeal.I'm behind in my taxes and need help with utilities.I've called different resources and their either out of money or just don't call back.I need help 734-344-0009

  7. I am a 100 percent, permanently disabled service connected veteran..on one fixed income I don't have enough for bills and struggle with food I have 4kids under 18 please help me.. call 7577481597...ty

  8. Is there any help for a vet who isn't disabled? I can't seem to find any and I'm getting desperate. My car was repoed and today I'm pretty sure I'm homeless. I searched everywhere for help for a vietnam vet and no luck. The hotline didn't do any good so far. Email me at and I will try to read when I can

  9. My name is Andre Nichols. I am a honorably discharged veteran with a service connected disability. My wife and I recently have been the victim of identity theft. In the process of that money was taken out of our account that was to used to pay rent and electric bill. We recently both lost our jobs and have been struggling. We have two 10 yrs old girls. We are both out looking for jobs and I have even done some temp work just to bring some money in. If there is anyone out there can help me and my family please call me at (912) 980-9725. Thank you and god bless.

  10. VETERAN LETTER OF HARDSHIP To whom it concerns I/We, Richard & Irma Barwick are requesting that Veteran’s Outreach, Servicer, or other V.A. party related to this case review my financial situation to see if I/We qualify for any Financial or Food Assistance. I/We are having problems making my monthly payments because of financial difficulties created by: x Unemployment _Reduced Income _Divorce _Medical bills x Debts x Family Death _Payment Decrease _Business Failure _Job Relocation x Illness/blindness _Military Service _Incarceration x Low cash Reserve x Other/Foreclosure I/We believe that my/our situation is x Temporary _Permanent I/We, state the information provided above to be true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge.
    Richard Barwick

  11. Hello to all whom it may concern. My name is Joe and my family and i will be homeless as of August 26 2013 if we do not come up with the necessary funds to take care of some back rent and court cost. No sob story here, we just fell on some hard times with my wife loosing our child two and a half months ago and haven't been to work. Myself haven't worked since 2010 and no one once to hire me atleast part time because of the neuropathy treatments every month and the various dr appointments for leukemia. I'm also an honorably discharged navy vet. Is there any help for us?

  12. Hello I am seeking for assistance when it comes to my situation. I was originally supposed to move to California for a new job but then the job did not fall through. On top of that I was told I had to extend my rent another month. In which I can not afford to pay. I smh currently seeking employment but I still haven't gotten hired on. I need help paying Sept rent and bills. They are saying I have until the 10th Sept before the draft up the papers for eviction. If I can get some assistance that would be wonderful.

    Rental insurance: 50
    Car payment: 295
    Cellphone: 136
    Electricity: 100
    Car insurance: 137

  13. My name is Martesa. I am a honorably discharged veteran. I am seeking assistance to help pay my electric bill. I was laid off December 2012. Our plant closed when they lost military contracts. I have been looking for a job since December, but they have no openings. I live in a small town where jobs are scarce. I am a single mother, and I have 2 children under 18 years old. My husband died 2005, and we receive a little income from his social security benefits. Our electric bill was higher these summer months, and this is why we need help. Our electric bill is due by Wednesday, September 23, 2013. Will you please help us? My email address is My phone is 912-670-8823. Thank you for your help!

  14. Hello my name is sheree. My husband was honorably discharged from the Navy Feb.15th 2013 due to service related injuries that were made worse during surgery. We are seeking help with our rent and car payment and electric if possible. My husband and I got help earlier this year when our savings ran out and he has been actively looking for a job, we are even blessed to have two va. reps helping him. He did have one but couldn't do it due to his back and leg injury. I have two part time jobs but one is now down to 6hrs a month and the other one is 20hrs a week due to the time of year. My husband has applied for Va. Disability but they told us due to the back log we won't see anything un till March of 2014. The Navy took away his retirement because of the program he was in they said he waved his rights to them. when we showed them that what he actually did was signed a dual compensation statement and he was still entitled to his retirement from his previous enlistment they said they couldn't fix it now and we had to go to the BCNR board for that. We have done that but they told us they are back logged too. So we are waiting on both. Mean while every time we think something positive is going to happen another bad thing happens. We went to the va. hospital and they gave us a name of foundations that help vets in need but they aren't taking anymore veterans because they are full. My husband is seen for medical at the Va. and he gets his medicine from them, though we owe them too now. But we have to pay out of pocket for me and our son. I have five medications I have to take but we can no longer afford to pay so I can't take them anymore. I have all I can to stay positive any more and hold my husband and son together. We are requesting help with our rent and car payment and electric. We are two months behind this month in our rent and car payment facing eviction and loosing our car in a week. And we are one month behind in our electric. That is due to be shut off this week. Any help would be an answered prayer. Loosing our car would be devastating to us because there are no buses or cabs in this town and i would loose my jobs and wouldn't have a way to bring my husband to his appointments. And we would be loosing our last home because we look at our car as our second home because the homeless shelters here are full. Thank you for your time and any help. God bless you all. our e-mail address is and our number is 660-619-6189

  15. Help...need your assistance in payng $3655 rent arrearage. Call Ben 313-595-5743. THE DISABLED VIETNAM VETERAN. I live in Long Beach, Ms

  16. My future son in law expecting a baby in december is honorably discharged marine awarded purple heart....he is in need of housing by there any help with rent or something

  17. My name is Jose, am an honorably discharged Marine Corps veteran. I went into the ER because I hurt my ankle and I thought I had broken it. They looked at it for about 2 minutes, took X-rays and gave me a brace. They said nothing was broken. A couple weeks later I received a 3,000 dollar medical bill. I am currently paying 25 dollars a month but I am being released from my job because I was only filling in for a person that got really sick. I don't know what I am going to do once they release me from this job, it doesn't pay much but at least its something.

  18. My name is Thomas Elliott, I’m 79 years old. I have fallen on really hard times. I'm a disabled veteran-Retired United States Navy - 1951-1971. In 2006, I had an Aortic Abdominal Aneurysm surgery. Without the help of my fiancée, Patricia (49) and our daughter La Christa Elliott (21), I may not have made it. I can’t walk; I’m wheelchair bound. Eighteen months ago, Patricia resigned from USPS to care for me full-time. We had major plumbing problems and had to replace our old refrigerator this month. We need assistance with Mortgage Payment $847.00, Van Payment $348.00 and Food (Any amount).

    I thank you for your time and attention regarding this matter.


    Thomas Elliott

  19. My name is richard whaley, i am at an 80% rating for ptsd,and i have been waiting for 2 years for unemployabilty and the va says it will be another year before a decision is made. I have 8 kids (5) that lives with me. I am 2 months behind on my mortgage and 2 months behind on my insurance. My outside hvac is not working and my house is cold. I use little electric heaters but they dont really help. My light bill is 2 months behind becuase the little heaters are making it unaffordable. I feel like a failure and a letdown to my family, i am a proud man and it hurts to even ask for help. I cant work becuase of my disabilities but i have to do something to provide for my family. I live in southeastern nc and will gladly work to earn money from anyone willing to help. I do have other bills but they are nonessential. Mortgage 756x2 electric 200x2 insurance 150x2. And hvac I cant afford to find out how much for it. My email is please help me help myself. I will gladly send copies of my dd214 and any disabilty rating info.

  20. my dad serverd inww2 at suqieo prison my good freind robert serived on the sangrala in vetnam in 2 days he is going to be homeless finding a handycap unit with demisha dident work no time left every thing in storage has rent mony need help by 129 2014 hes 76 and girlfrend is 76 with ms moveing is a overwhleming thing very confused please help in el cajon

  21. We have a wrongful death lawsuit against a hospital on our 22 year old son.
    It took allmost six years to get this to trial. We lost the trial due to the corruption
    of the hospital, and the court. My main goal in life now is to see the corruption
    brought down with the help of the Good Lord. I had to file bankruptcy, because
    the hospital, and the Court not doing what they should. I lost our home, and farm.
    The person that bought it let me rent the house back. The farm has been in our
    family since 1936. Burying our son was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
    Lost out home, and farm was the second worst.
    Because of the bankruptcy I can not borrow enough money to get back on my
    feet. Would you loan me twenty five thousand dollars for five years with yearly

    229-831-5735 LaDon Tucker
    If you cannot help with this do you know anyone that might?
    I am a veteran nine months behind on rent about to be evicted if i do not find help.
    I know you are not in the banking business, but i need help desperately.

  22. I am a honorably discharged veteran who served in the United States Army and Navy....I am currently in need of gas money to get to the V.A. for appointments and I need help with water and food....I have a 1 ye old child and we are desperate.....If you of any organizations that help please call me.....832-202-4255....My name is Ivan

  23. Hello,

    My name is Jeffrey Kinasz. I was honorably discharged from the United States Navy 20 March, 2012. I have yet to find a job, my wife and I can't pay our bills. We are currently so far in debt we can't see ourselves ever climbing out. Our parents have helped us financially, but have stopped because of the financial strain it has put on them. We are trying to sell everything we have to keep our power on because we can't pay our electric bill. My wife has been working hard to keep our heads barely above water. I have no money, no assets, and no pride left. We are behind on rent, electric, water, gas, vehicles, and everything else. Everywhere I have applied has "not received" or "seemingly misplaced" my application. I hate to post this on a public forum, but my options are less than limited. I have turned to alcohol just to forget the strain and be able to sleep at night. It is putting a strain on our marriage. It is hard for me to post this, but the embarrassment of losing everything and not being able to support my wife is harder. Where can I turn? My number is (989) 316-9846 if you know of any resources that could be of assistance. Thank you.

  24. Hello my name is jp romansic and i was honorably discharged from the army 11/67.Am a viet nam ar vet. I am 65 and have a 1998 chev cavalier that is very hard to keep on the road and is all i have to get food and other necessary things like medical visits.Want to try and stay out of a home as long as i can and need some finance assistance to keep my car running.Thank you

  25. sorry forgot my email address-its

  26. Hello, my name is Dan Pulte ,I am an honorably discharged 11/4/84,in which I have been homeless since 2006.My ex-wife just got divorced so I moved back in with her and my two sons. She does not receive any help from her ex. She has just started a new job, I am 100% disabled and I can't find work, mortgage is due, car insurance, and electric. I just don't want what happened to me happen to my boys. If anyone can help please call 239-324-5585 or email me at
    Thank you and God bless you
    Daniel T. Pulte

  27. To the good-hearted people: I'm a Army veteran of the Iraq war w/an honorable dischage that has fallen onto some real tough times. Due to medical issues ive been unemployed for about 2yrs and now because lack of funds my car should be repo'd anyday now. I have more bills but this one is the most important! Cant do my missions w/o a car. If you can share, please do. It will come back to you in full, I promise. Pls contact me at Thank you is not enough to say but its a start.
    I hope there are still angels out there, aren't many left.
    Take Care.

  28. I am a 37 year old honorably discharged navy vet my car just got repossessed last night I just got a good job it's just me and my wife I can't afford to pay to get my car we are living in a hotel but may lose everything I can't get to work 40 minutes away with no car please if anybody can help we would appreciate it Thank you and God bless you

  29. Sorry forgot to put my number 561 281 2437 if u know of any resources that would be greatly appreciated

  30. Hello, my name is Daniel Wroblewski, I'm 55 and a disable Navy Veteran. I'm about to have my power shut off, because I have gotten behind on the bill, because I can't work, I'm on a C-Pap machine. I have 2 teenage children and 2 grandchildren that live with me, I'm just looking for a little help.
    You can contact me at my wife's email address:

  31. My name is Bryce. I have an honorable discharge. I had 2 tours to Iraq. I have a wife, a son who is 3 and a daughter that is 1 month old. I lost my job and now my family and I are about to lose everything we have. Please help us out if possible. I don't want my family to go through this. Please contact me at

  32. My dad is a veteran of the Vietnam war. He is 60% percent disabled due to agent Orange. I was hoping you could help us out. Me and my son live with my dad and mom, we need a new furnace/central air and our front porch is in bad shape. If you can help him out you can contact me at

  33. I am writing this because I need assistance. My husband passed away at age 28 due to service connected disabilities, he was the one that provided for our family. I stayed home with our children because we couldn't afford daycare. When he passed away I was 7 months pregnant with third child. Now I am a widower with a 4 yr old, 19 month old, and a 10 month old. I can't work because I can't afford child care. My main concern is my car it isn't safe for my children. It needs a lot of maintenance, if anyone has any information or would help I would be forever grateful. Contact me at

  34. Also my AC unit went out, and its summer time if anyone could help that would be amazing. Contact thank you and God Bless

  35. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran who have been going through many health procedures and not been compensate from them. I recently had two Knee replacement and maybe looking to have a third one on the same knee. These procedure have been done within a time period of a year and a half of each other and I'm still having problems walking, sleeping and trying to do thing own may own. I have not been compensated of my surgery's and my wife and I have fell behind in our rent 7,000 dollars do to VA not compensation us on these procedure for 1 year or more. Our land Lord has been very patience with us up until this new problem that's going on with the VA. They don't want to give us anymore time for VA to compensate us, so we have to pay up or get out. f there anyone or any origination that can help us we will be more appreciate and bless with your help. You can contact me 305-502-0563 or E-Mail at Please Help us Veteran get back on our feet and with our lives.

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  37. Hello I'm Charles Moore and I'm an honorable discharged veteran and I need help. I'm waiting on claims and cannot pay the household bills. I don't like asking for help but I don't know what to do. We've applied for snap benefits and we're approved but that won't help with rent and utilities. Please help.
    Thank you

  38. Hi my name is sarah davis my husband did 4 years active duty and is now in the reserves in topeka kansas and we live in Missouri. My husband got let go from his job about a month and half ago and we need help making rent for june and part of July. We have talked to his unit and theres nothing they can do to help us. We are desperate please help us if you can.
    My email is
    Thanks Sarah Davis

  39. My name is Joseph Parrish and I am an 80% Service Connected Veteran. I am 29, married, and have an amazing son who is 2 years old. I have central spine and neural foraminal stenosis and bone spurs along my cervical vertebrae. I have had a shoulder surgery so far and am looking at c-spine surgery soon. I was working but was unable to continue the job due to physical restraints. My wife was recently in the hospital for a torn miniscus and on the way to visit her I recieved a speeding ticket for 70 in a 55mph zone. The court date is in 6 days and is $218. Our cell phones are currently disconnected due to non-payment and the total bill (two months back) is $336. We lost our food stamps b/c DHS said I make too much money with my disability. My wife isn't able to work so we are relying on my disability alone. I was denied SS disability like most deserving disabled people are the first time around. Our rent is late as well which is $400. If anyone can help, or know of someone who can, I can only be reached by email at the I have all paperwork verifying my service, deployments, and service connected disabilities. Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Joseph Parrish

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  41. My daddy is 79 yrs old and he needs a phone in case he needs to dail 911... please help
    Debbie in NC

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  47. I am a 100% disabled veteran, and I find myself in such a bad state due to unforeseen chain of events.. I am currently being on my rent, my electric will be shut off in 2 days add I'm 2 months behind on that bill, I'm behind on my water and 2 months behind on my car payment as well. I desperately need help. I have never had to ask for help before and I've tried evening before I found this site to ask for help. I owe approximately $1400.00 in all bills and I have over drawn my checking account to keep my lights on this long and to get food, I don't know where to turn for help, who to ask, I tried to get a loan but I have such bad credit after my divorce that there is no one willing to loan me money. I don't know what to do, please help me I'm drowning, and I'm scared. My email address is and my phone number is (954)391-1296. I dint know where else to turn please help for I know we are going to be without lights, water and a place to live and soon we will lose our car as well. I just need to get current so I can pay all bills on time, I just don't see this happening without help, if you can't help maybe you could tell nee where to go, who to turn to our ask for help please and thank you, sincerely Patricia Lunsford

  48. i am a disabled veteran thirty percent my name is james i am facing eviction i have a three year old lil girl ,who ,is ,my ,world ,i ,love ,her ,more ,then ,any ,one ,i ,begg ,for ,anyone ,that ,can ,help i ,have ,no ,email ,no ,com.m,puter ,my ,number ,is 845-423-8015 ,pllz ,anyone ,that ,can ,help ,pllz ,i ,have ,two ,weeks ,my ,lil ,girl ,depends ,onn ,me ,n ,i ,failed ,n ,i ,need ,help

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